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Make road style momos at property with this Uncomplicated 5 move recipe

Make road style momos at property with this Uncomplicated 5 move recipe

Momos are unquestionably the most preferred road food stuff in north India. With the ongoing pandemic, we have been pretty deprived of this tasty dish. Momos are effectively from Tibet. These are dumplings filled with both vegetables or meat.


These are paired with a mouth-watering and spicy sauce and from time to time mayonnaise. These can be steamed or fried and the covering of these is manufactured with all-reason flour. Right here is an effortless 5-action recipe to make these delectable vegetarian momos at property.

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Move 1

Combine 1 cup all-intent flour, some salt and a pinch of baking powder and place some drinking water and knead it to make a tender dough. Permit it rest.

Action 2

For the stuffing, in a pan, include some chopped garlic, ginger, finely chopped onions, carrots and cabbage. 

Step 3

Time this with some salt and pepper and increase ½ tsp soy sauce and vinegar. Saute for 2 minutes on very low flame.

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Step 4

To make the momos, make a ball from the dough and roll it with a rolling pin to kind a smaller circle. Roll it from the sides and fill the centre with the stuffing. After stuffed, seal it from all sides.

Action 5

Incorporate some water in the reduced portion of the steamer and steam the momos for 5-7 minutes. To make the sauce, grind some tomatoes, dry red chillies and garlic with salt and insert water to attain the suitable consistency.