June 20, 2024


Free For All Food

Will Lifetime give us a sequel?

As it takes place, rapid food items fans are by now clamoring for a sequel on Twitter. Likely titles almost produce on their own, with Food stuff Network’s John Henson proposing that a second movie be titled A Recipe for Seduction 2: Excess Crispy. The good news is, the movie alone finishes in a way that leaves the door wide open up for a sequel: After Sanders and Justene are married, her mom Bunny (Tessa Munro) is visited by the sinister Billy, implying that the two villains usually are not likely to perform rooster (pun intended) with finding their revenge on the movie’s central duo. So of course, free threads have been left hanging.

Frankly, contemplating the amount of interest the shorter film has gotten, the powers-that-be would be ridiculous not to observe it up, from a marketing point of view. Following all, just search at how lengthy Planter’s has milked the whole “Little one Nut” point, right after they killed the unique Mr. Peanut in actually cinematic fashion. 

Having said that, why quit there? Now that Life time has presently cracked open this unique oven door, they may as nicely go all the way, and get started baking an whole cinematic universe of company speedy foodstuff icons into steamy romance storylines of just one form or a further. Could Ronald McDonald be subsequent? What about Chuck E. Cheese, or a horror-tinged get on the Burger King? For now, keep tuned.