February 28, 2021


Free For All Food

When your freezer breaks, cease swearing and begin cooking

This most unquestionably was not the way I envisioned kicking off 2021 in the kitchen area.

On the 1st Monday in the new year, I found my toes felt sort of damp when I stumbled to the fridge to fetch milk for my morning coffee. Glancing down, I right away acquired a ill experience. Water was drip, drip, dripping out of the base of the freezer into a puddle on my wooden floor.

I yanked the drawer open to uncover that just about all the things within had started to thaw. Clearly damaged, the freezer was a disaster of epic proportions.

As a food stuff writer, I often have numerous ingredients on hand that can be whipped up into something tasty on a moment’s detect. When the pandemic curtailed my day by day excursions to the grocery store in 2020, my fridge and freezer got fuller nevertheless.