April 12, 2024


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These 11 recipes will make you want to try to eat additional rutabagas and turnips

Though rutabagas and turnips are abundantly offered in grocery retailers and can preserve by means of the winter months with appropriate storage, household cooks might be intimidated by these huge, lumpy, purplish roots.

They should not be.

These greens are just as mouth watering and versatile as other popular wintertime develop, like potatoes.

But very first, you require to know which is which. Despite well-known perception, rutabagas and turnips are not the same issue. While they are both members of the brassica spouse and children, the rutabaga is a hybrid of a turnip and a cabbage. When both equally have purplish tops, rutabaga has tinged yellow flesh even though turnips are largely white. Turnips are also smaller sized, as they are best when harvested when they are the dimensions of a tennis ball (any greater, and the root preferences woody). Rutabagas can mature significantly greater with out compromising taste.

Rutabagas also have a waxy pores and skin and a pungent scent, which can intimidate some persons. By subsequent a several easy actions (and acquiring a awesome, sharp peeler), you can conveniently put together rutabaga and start out cooking with them.

Turnips are also typically bought with their greens, which are tasty when prepared accurately, although rutabaga greens are much less palatable (however some adventurous gardeners will use their hairy rutabaga greens in salads and the like).