April 23, 2024


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The Scrumptious Chai Recipe I Make Each individual Diwali

Chai has been synonymous with dwelling considering the fact that I can try to remember. Any Indian particular person can relate to the feeling of nostalgia you get when you acquire a sip of incredibly hot, black tea blended with frothy milk, ginger, cardamom, and other spices. Each and every early morning at household commences with a cup of chai, and just about every guest who comes into our home is greeted with a new, hot cup paired with samosas and Parle-G biscuits.

Chai is just not just about the warm spices and flavors — it is really about the act of sitting with beloved kinds though serving it and sipping on it alongside one another. In India, chai is served in avenue-side cafes, known as dhabas, wherever locals in the local community collect more than the postmeal drink.

On Diwali, anything will get an improve — from the household decor and classic garb we put on down to the card video games we play and meals we eat. In my household, even the chai we consume gets the particular addition of rose petals — a further conventional Indian dessert taste. If you like tea and heat spices like cinnamon and cardamom, or you just like keeping some thing warm in your hand as the weather conditions will get colder, this recipe is just as easy to make as it is lavish to taste. The indulgent taste normally places me in the mood for the Indian pageant of lights, even if I’m oceans absent from spouse and children.



If you are not able to get your palms on Ranavat’s Illuminate Darjeeling tea, swap it out for any darjeeling tea and 1 teaspoon of rose h2o.
If you don’t have a frother, boil the milk with the water and tea.

The Delicious Chai Recipe I Make Every Diwali


  1. 1 bag Ranavat’s Illuminate Darjeeling Tea
    1 cup very hot h2o
    1/2 cup milk (I use oat milk for its creamy regularity)
    1 teaspoon agave, or sweetener of option
    1 teaspoon blend of ginger, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and black pepper
  1. Optional:
    1 adhere cinnamon
    1 pinch saffron


  1. Set your drinking water, tea bag, and mix of spices (plus saffron, if you have it) in a tiny pot. The moment it arrives to a boil, deliver the heat down to reduced and let steep for 5 minutes.
  2. When waiting on the tea, warm up your milk and agave in the microwave for 1 minute.
  3. Use a hand frother to froth the milk and agave in the mug right until it’s at your wished-for regularity.
  4. Maintain a hand sieve about your mug as you pour the tea into your mug of frothed milk.
  5. Include a pinch of cinnamon on top and set a cinnamon stick in it for an extrafestive look — you are unable to go wrong with the toppings in this article. Place on your most loved Bollywood movie and love!

Picture Source: POPSUGAR Pictures / Neha Tandon