November 28, 2023


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The Frigoglass HV362T Cools Your Beverages to Perfection

The Frigoglass HV362T Cools Your Beverages to Perfection

All people likes a chilled cocktail, juice, or amazing consume and it has to be chilled completely. As a cafe or bar owner, you want to make sure that you produce regularly chilled and delicious drinks just about every time. In get to do this, you need to have to commit in the most effective refrigeration devices these kinds of as the Frigoglass HV362T. How does this professional beverage cooler great your drinks?

How does the Frigoglass HV362T awesome your drinks?

The Frigoglass range of business beverage coolers is fitted with a digital thermometer which enables you to test and handle the temperature at any time. You can watch the temperature and rectify it if it variations due to external temperature situations. It is manufactured with a reverse air technique which controls the air motion inside of the unit. It also ensures that chilly air is circulated within the unit and warm air is kept out. For your protection, it has a crafted-in electronic voltage safety.

But can it preserve a good deal of drinks interesting? The answer is sure. The Frigoglass HV362T is a double glass hinged door device that is 1230 x 765 x 1981 millimeters in sizing and about 210 kilograms in pounds. The gross volume for this device is 1172 litters. This business beverage cooler has a capacity of 504 x 500ml bottles or 1008 x 330ml cans of drinks. It is in a position to chill every single 1 evenly because of to the reverse air technique. All these beverages can be stored on the 8 cabinets that the device is provided with.

In addition, this unit is terrific for screen reasons as it has easy pricing strips, a bottle shaped take care of and the back panel can be branded with decals. The merchandise display location is an abundant 1.35 sq. meters and the symbol show canopy is a ideal measurement of .22 square meters. You can display attractive drinks or your company adverts on this device to get your buyers to obtain more chilled drinks. Clients are drawn to vibrant and colourful food and beverages marketing that is intended to tantalise their flavor buds.

The Husky’s Frigoglass HV362T is a formidable piece of catering products and is greatest suited for fast paced bars and eating places that serve a good deal of beverages on a every day basis. This device is reliable and will supply persistently chilled drinks every day. Continue to keep your beverages and your customers chilled with the most recent innovation in industrial cooler technological innovation.