May 18, 2024


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The 9 Best Meal Delivery Services for People with Diabetes

If you have diabetes, a nutritious diet that promotes healthy blood sugar levels is critical.

However, it may be difficult to stock your fridge and pantry with the groceries needed to prepare diabetes-friendly meals. Plus, many people are short on time, making meal prep and planning all the trickier.

Fortunately, many meal delivery services offer diabetes-friendly options, such as low carb, plant-based, paleo, and keto meals. Research suggests that all of these dietary patterns promote healthy blood sugar management (1, 2, 3, 4).

The meal delivery companies on this list were selected based on the following criteria:

  • Nutrient density. Meals are made with whole foods that provide numerous nutrients.
  • Ingredient quality. The companies source high quality ingredients, and some use organic produce and pasture-raised meats.
  • Appropriate for people with diabetes. Meals are high in fiber-rich vegetables, protein, and healthy fats.

Here are 9 of the best meal delivery services for people with diabetes.

Best low carb meal delivery options

Many people with diabetes follow low carb diets to help them manage their blood sugar levels. In particular, low carb, high protein diets may help reduce blood fat levels and enhance weight loss in people with diabetes (5, 6, 7, 8, 9).

The following meal delivery companies offer low carb dishes that are perfect for those with diabetes.

Sun Basket

Sun Basket offers a variety of nutrient-dense meal kits that fit into many dietary patterns, including low carb diets.

The company’s Carb-Conscious plan provides meals that contain under 35 grams of net carbs — total carbs minus fiber — and at least 20 grams of protein per serving.

What’s more, Sun Basket uses organic produce and eggs, as well as wild-caught seafood. The company employs a team of registered dietitians who assess recipes to make sure that they’re nutritionally complete.

Meals are delivered weekly, and most can be prepared in under 30 minutes. Sun Basket also offers a variety of diabetes-friendly snack foods like egg bites, bone broth, yogurt, protein bars, nuts, and jerky.

Keep in mind that Sun Basket delivers only within the contiguous United States and has limited availability in North Dakota, New Mexico, and Montana.

Price: Dinners start at $10.99 per serving plus a $7.99 shipping fee per order. Meals are available in 2- or 4-serving packages.

Snap Kitchen

Snap Kitchen offers fully prepared, gluten-free meals that are perfect for people with diabetes. The company’s low carb meals contain 30% carbs, 30% protein, and 40% fat.

Low carb options include Chicken Tenders with Turnip Mash and Almond-Crusted Salmon. All meals are thoughtfully curated by a team of registered dietitians and prepared by chefs.

Snap Kitchen delivers to most U.S. states. Check the company website for details.

Price: Snap Kitchen offers 6 or 12 meal per week plans. Meals start at $9.58 per meal on the 12-meal plan and $11.67 per meal on the 6-meal plan.


Like Snap Kitchen, Freshly provides fully prepared meals that require no prep work or cooking and can be reheated in under 3 minutes.

On average, 8–10 meals on Freshly’s weekly menu contain under 35 grams of carbs, giving you a wide selection to choose from. Low carb options include Chicken Livorno with White Beans & Kale and Carved Thanksgiving Turkey with Green Bean Sauté & Toasted Pecans.

Freshly meals are gluten-free, and several dishes are dairy-free as well.

Since you can choose between 4 and 12 meals per week, Freshly is a perfect choice for those who just need a few prepared meals at a time.

Price: Customers can choose from plans that deliver 4, 6, 10, or 12 meals per week starting at $11.49, $9.49, $8.99, and $8.49 each, respectively.

Best paleo meal delivery options

The paleo diet promotes whole, nutrient-dense foods like veggies, fruit, proteins, and healthy fats while eliminating grains, dairy, and added sugar.

Some research suggests that this eating pattern aids blood sugar management, weight loss, and heart health (8, 9).

Trifecta Nutrition

Trifecta Nutrition delivers high protein, low sugar meals that are free of gluten, soy, dairy, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The company’s paleo plan features meals made with grass-fed meat and organic produce. You can choose between the paleo plan and à la carte, which lets you select your own proteins, veggies, and carb sources.

Price: The paleo meal plan starts at $109 per week.

Pete’s Paleo

Pete’s Paleo caters exclusively to the paleo diet. The company’s meals are fully prepared and made with organic, seasonal ingredients.

Options include Turkey Chili with Broccoli & Acorn Squash and White Shrimp Chorizo with Chayote Squash & Mashed Yuca.

All meals are made with 5 ounces of protein and 7 ounces of fiber-packed veggies, which may help promote healthy blood sugar levels. You can add extra sides and protein if you desire.

Each meal provides a single serving, making Pete’s Paleo a smart choice for those who live alone.

Price: Plans start at $81 per week.

Best keto meal delivery options

The ketogenic (keto) diet is a very low carb, high fat eating pattern that’s linked to better blood sugar control in people with diabetes. On this diet, you should limit your carbs to under 50 grams per day (2).

The popularity of this eating pattern has led many meal delivery companies to offer keto options.

Green Chef

Green Chef is a certified organic meal kit delivery service that’s a good choice for people who enjoy cooking.

Several meals on the Green Chef Paleo and Keto Plan provide fewer than 15 grams of carbs per serving, making them appropriate for keto. You can choose from tasty dishes like Italian Shrimp with Pesto or Creamy Chimichurri Chicken.

Price: Keto meals start at $7.66 per serving. Keep in mind that each meal contains 2 servings.

518 Kitchen

518 Kitchen specializes in paleo and keto meals that are gluten-free and made with high quality ingredients like pasture-raised meats, organic eggs, and responsibly caught seafood.

All recipes are developed by the company’s in-house nutrition team, and nutrition stats like macronutrient ratios are readily available to customers.

You can choose from keto breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options — as well as keto-friendly bread.

Price: Lunch and dinner entrées start at $10.49, breakfast items start at $7.99, and snacks start at $6.99.

Best plant-based meal delivery options

Research shows that plant-based eating patterns like vegetarian and vegan diets improve many aspects of health. In fact, they may help people with diabetes lower their blood sugar levels and reach a healthy weight (10).


Factor offers numerous meal plans, including fully prepared plant-based meals. The company’s ingredients are fresh, never frozen, and free of gluten, refined sugar, and GMOs.

The Plant-Based meal plan menu is packed with tasty dishes like Peanut Buddha Bowls and Chickpea Curry. Factor’s meals are created by a team of chefs and dietitians, ensuring that each meal provides the nutrients your body needs.

Price: Prices, which depend on how many meals you order on a weekly basis, start at $11.50 per meal.

Purple Carrot

People with diabetes who follow vegan diets will love Purple Carrot. This meal kit delivery service offers a variety of vegan meals each week.

You can choose from several plant-based meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, including Charred Brussels Sprout Tacos and Masala Stuffed Sweet Potatoes.

Meals are easy to prepare and come with preportioned ingredients and recipe cards.

Price: Customers can choose a 2-serving or 4-serving plan. Meals start at $9.99 per serving.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a diabetes-friendly meal delivery service.

For people with high blood sugar, it’s important to find companies that offer balanced, nutrient-dense meals. Avoiding meals that contain a lot of refined carbs and added sugars may help improve blood sugar control.

Meals high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats make the best choice for people with diabetes.

If you like to cook, you may prefer a meal kit delivery service like Sun Basket. These services provide preportioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes.

On the other hand, some services deliver fully prepared meals that only require heating. These companies are your best bet if you lack the time or energy to cook.

If you follow a specific diet to manage your blood sugar, find a meal delivery service that offers a variety of compatible meals. Although some companies cater to specific diets like keto, they may only offer a few keto-friendly meals per week, which limits your options.

Additionally, it’s important to map out your budget before choosing a meal delivery service. Costs vary significantly, so some meal delivery services may be out of your price range.

Lastly, consider your household needs and the total number of meals you want. Some companies offer meals that feed one person, which is a better choice for people who live alone, while meals that feed multiple people are better for families.

Many meal delivery services provide nutritious meals that may help promote healthy blood sugar levels.

Try out one of the diabetes-friendly meal delivery services on this list if you’re looking for a tasty, convenient way to improve your diet and overall health.