October 3, 2023


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The 5 Best Jewish Meals Recipes of 2020

The yr of 2020 will be remembered for a lot of points, primarily awful. Yet, it was a 12 months when individuals hunkered down in their households and selected to cook and bake much more than in modern a long time — be it seeking brand name new dishes, flexing their bread baking skills, or just connecting with the comfort meals they love. Jewish meals was no exception.

We have rounded up the prime 5 Jewish recipes men and women were producing this calendar year from The Nosher. We hope that our challah, kugel, meatballs, and more were being delectable, brilliant places in the darkness.

1. Challah

Absolutely sure, sourdough experienced a minute this yr. So did banana bread, focaccia, and scallion pancakes. But challah was no slacker, and we observed additional and far more of you sharing your challah creations, perform on your braiding, and simply click on our challah recipes. Immediately after all, challah baking throughout busy get the job done weeks when you’re commuting can be complicated: When do you permit the dough rise? What if you don’t get back again from work on time? But with several people operating from property, the job of challah baking became that much far more attainable, and we’re so glad so several people today chose to embrace it.

If you’re wanting to acquire that challah baking up a notch in 2021, may we recommend a single of Cheryl Holbert’s on the web challah courses, a exclusive new recipe like churro-influenced challah, or just investing in some very good challah-baking applications.

2. Cauliflower Kugel

Image credit score: Emanuelle Lee

Cauliflower is the do-it-all vegetable: It can be pizza crust! It can be rice! It can be bread sticks! And indeed, it can be kugel, way too. This cauliflower kugel was a strike in 2020, and we can only suppose it’s for the reason that it’s kinda wholesome, and also its kugel. Greatest of both of those worlds.

Ready for some more kugel? How about yapchik — potato kugel stuffed with meat.

3. Andrew Zimmern’s Potato Latkes

We appreciate award-winning Tv set host Andrew Zimmern! We like latkes! So it is no shock that everybody desired to attempt his fantastic potato latke recipe this calendar year. We’re sure it didn’t disappoint.

4. Matzah Mac & Cheese

Matzah mac & cheese: layers of cheese and matzah. Have to have we say extra? It’s drool deserving. It’s ease and comfort food items. And it’s Passover-helpful. We really like all of Sonya Sanford‘s creations, and this tacky matzah masterpiece is no exception.

If you need to have extra tacky ease and comfort in the coming months, try this vegetarian moussaka from Leah Koenig or the ultimate cheese and tomato lasagna from Cooks Illustrated.

5. Syrian Meatballs

Photograph credit history: Crystal Rivera

These are not just any meatballs. These Syrian meatballs, or keftes, are sweet, tangy, and savory all at the exact time. No wonder they are this kind of a strike. The solution ingredients: tamarind paste and baharat spice combine, which you can acquire online, come across in a Center Eastern foodstuff retail outlet, or in the “ethnic” aisle of your grocery store.