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Sugar-free pavlova recipe excellent guilt-free of charge deal with for Christmas

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The humble pavlova has had a ‘healthy’ makeover just in time for Xmas – and your loved ones will never believe that it is fully sugar free of charge.

The recipe reworking the Australian favourite is by Liv Kaplan, a nutritionist and ‘foodie’ who loves developing tasty ‘sugar-free’ foods.

To make the dessert you want erythritol, which is a sweetener made from the starch of fruits like pears and melons.

a plate of food with a slice of cake on a table: The humble pavlova has had a 'healthy' makeover just in time for Christmas - and your family will never believe it is completely sugar free

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The humble pavlova has experienced a ‘healthy’ makeover just in time for Xmas – and your family members will by no means believe it is fully sugar absolutely free

a woman standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: The recipe transforming the Australian favourite is by Liv Kaplan, a nutritionist and 'foodie' who loves developing delicious 'sugar-free' meals

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The recipe transforming the Australian favorite is by Liv Kaplan, a nutritionist and ‘foodie’ who enjoys producing scrumptious ‘sugar-free’ foods



 Two egg whites

Four and a 50 percent tbsp powdered erythritol

A single cup of Greek yoghurt, or coconut yoghurt 

 One punnet strawberries, sliced

Two peaches sliced

Two tbsp (30ml) Nexba Strawberry Peach Kombucha 

Mint to garnish 


 Preheat the oven to 130ºC and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Defeat the egg whites in a clear stainless steel bowl working with electrical beaters or a stand mixer.

Conquer until eventually soft peaks sort (about 3-4 minutes), then slowly pour in the erythritol a spoonful at a time, while the beater is even now going.

Spoon the mixture on the lined tray in a circle form. Clean around any drips or peaks, but a little rough and rustic is best. 

 Bake for 20 minutes at this temperature. If it is browning too much, only position a sheet of foil carefully above the top rated. Change the oven to 100ºC and bake for another 60 minutes. Immediately after this, flip the oven off but leave the pavlova in the oven for at the very least an hour to dry out wholly and return to area temperature.

In a massive bowl, merge the strawberries, peaches and kombucha.

Serve the pavlova instantly topped with yoghurt, fruit and a number of sprigs of mint.


It also phone calls for Nexba’s strawberry and peach kombucha, two egg whites, Greek yoghurt and fruit for the topping.

‘The erythritol is the exclusive ingredient which helps make this pav sing, and it can be discovered in most supermarkets,’ Liv claimed.

‘It is a minor significantly less sweet than ordinary sugar, but it has the very same taste and texture. So it feels like sugar in your mouth,’ she said. 

Liv’s recipe will take about two and a half hours to entire and serves twelve.

a woman sitting in a chair talking on a cell phone: 'The erythritol is the special ingredient which makes this pav sing, and it can be found in most supermarkets,' Liv said

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‘The erythritol is the special ingredient which tends to make this pav sing, and it can be located in most supermarkets,’ Liv stated


Erythritol is a form of all-natural, no-calorie sweetener recognized as a sugar alcohol or polyol.  

This implies it is variety-of like sugar and form-of like alcohol – but devoid of the ethanol (so there is no ‘buzz’)

It can be uncovered the natural way, and abudantly in a lot of fruit and vegetables which include mushrooms, melons, grapes and pears.

Scottish chemist John Stenhouse first uncovered erythritol in his lab. And it popped up yet again in 1950, when meals researchers discovered it in blackstrap molasses.

But it took much more than 100 decades from erythritol’s 1st discovery for everyone to use it as a sugar replacement in meals and beverages. And the to start with types to actually flip it into a commercially preferred choice were being food items techies in Japan.

Far more information and facts on the sugar substitute can be located below on the Nexba web page. 


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