June 18, 2024


Free For All Food

Mario Lopez as Colonel Sanders in Recipe for Seduction: A Evaluate

Speedy Foods conglomerate Kentucky Fried Rooster is sponsoring what I can only begin to explain as a semi-satirical, semi-industrial “mini-movie” starring 1 Mario Lopez as a pretty, pretty captivating edition of KFC mascot “Colonel Sanders.” No, it is not the bizarro universe we required, it may well not even be the a single we are entitled to, but listed here we are, and Mario Lopez, often a snack, is wanting even… a lot more the snack in the wild-ass preview for this factor, which will premiere following 7 days, on December 13th.

Let’s see… he has the outfit (albeit in a limited sleeve, variety-fitting, bicep-complimenting style). He has the grays. And he has… oh my, he has the stache.’ The little goatee. The pretend-as-shit tiny glasses. 

I really don’t know how big Mr. Lopez’ paycheck was for this. I also just cannot shake the feeling that he smells vaguely of fried foodstuff, even though he appears (pretty substantially on function) like a male who smells tasty in other ways.

He appears to be like fantastic, this “mini-movie,” having said that, looks significantly less so.

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