April 22, 2024


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How to make the Portuguese dried, salted cod dish

When I page as a result of a cookbook from Portugal, or seem at Portuguese recipes on line, I am amazed just how effective Portugal at the time was and how it introduced to its ingesting and cooking pieces of the globe that remain with it now.

In Portugal’s situation, the east-west targeted traffic with its colony, Brazil, gave Portugal food items this sort of as chocolate, potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum peppers and the turkey, the latter commonly eaten in Portugal at Christmastime. (For its component, Brazil received the vine, pigs and, curiously, by means of Portugal’s holdings in Africa, sugar cane.)

In 1497, the Portuguese seafarer Vasco de Gama set sail for a drinking water route east all around Africa and on to India, the heart of the spice trade and, therefore, cash at that time of 1 of the world’s a lot more valuable commodities markets.

De Gama introduced back again to Portugal a wealth of spices nevertheless tasted all through Portuguese cooking: mustard, peppercorns, nutmeg and cinnamon, to identify but 4.

As a result, the Portuguese had been some of the initially cooks to use what we look at to be a modern-day approach, the spice rub. In one nicely-recognised dish from the north of Portugal, a pork stew referred to as rojoes, cubes of pork are rubbed in a cumin-based spice rub in advance of getting braised with wine and garlic.

On his way around Africa, de Gama visited Mozambique, which together with Angola later became a Portuguese colony. Africa affected the modern Portuguese menu with this sort of food items as refreshing coriander (cilantro) and what the Portuguese simply call piri-piri, a chili sauce applying a small, incredibly hot pepper. In Portugal currently, if you request for a bottle of scorching sauce at a cafe, you get a bottle of piri-piri.

And then there is bacalhau: dried, salted cod.

I have read through that there are 1,000 recipes for bacalhau. Or that there are as many approaches to prepare bacalhau as times in the 12 months. I do know that some decades ago, on a four-working day vacation via Portugal, I was served bacalhau 9 situations, typically in two approaches during the exact same food.