May 21, 2024


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How to get fit: Get fit for 2021 with the best workouts and diet tips

If you want to know how to get fit in 2021 – and fit for 2021, which is hopefully shaping up to be a better year than last year – you have come to the right place. This January, T3 will be sharing ways to get in shape and lose weight. For more advanced practitioners we’ll also have tips on how to get in your best ever shape this year. 

First of all: congratulations! You decided to get fit in 2021, after not looking after yourself all that much during the first lockdown, then the second lockdown, and then the next lockdown… and so on. We would like to reassure you: getting fit doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are the best beginner workouts and top tips to get in shape in 2021.