May 18, 2024


Free For All Food

Healthy Recipes

Show and TellSee what the cast would like to Show and Tell

Choose Your News Pt. 2Check out the “Choose Your News” Leftovers!

Choose Your NewsJohn Dabkovich gives us the option of “Choosing” our news. And these are stories you WANT to hear.

Bike and Scooter Docking StationAshley is in Downtown Sac giving us a sneak peek of the new bike and scooter docking stations.

Michael ChiklisCourtney talks to Michael Chiklis about his new show on CBS All Access, Coyote.

Trivia ToastTest your knowledge on Tech questions. Do you know more than our cast? Chances are, you do.

Dine Downtown : Tapa the WorldLori is at Tapa the World showing us what delicious dishes they have on their menu.

Good Day RewindHere’s what you missed on today’s show (From 4:30 to 9am)

Teen’s TuneToday’s Teen’s Tune: MASHUP!

Paint the Globe FoundationAshley is at a local brewery that is partnering up with a non profit to bring us an upcoming charity event to benefit kids around the world.

Dine Downtown 2021Lori gives us a sneak peek of Dine Downtown and the delectable dishes available.

Healthy RecipesCourtney talks to a healthy food expert about starting this new year eating healthy.

Dr. Pimple PopperJohn Dabkovich talks to Dr. Pimple Popper! Yes, that’s one of the many things she does on her show on TLC. See what she has to say about squeezing every ounce of pus out of her patients.

Dine Downtown PreviewLori is at Solomon’s Deli giving us a preview of the annual “Dine Downtown” event in Downtown Sac that benefits local businessess.

EGO ShopAshley Williams is at EGO (Everything Gone Opportunity) in Marysville. It’s a shop that has items and services that Amazon doesn’t! It’s your one stop shop, shop.

5AM ClubThere’s a new 5am Club member of the day. Is it you?

Numerology 101Tina is with a Numerology expert showing us what 2021 has in store for us.

“Beating Your Face”We get to see Dina Kupfer “Beat her face”! She’s with a makeup expert and together they explain how “beating your face” means putting on makeup. Dina also shows us the intricacies putting on eye liner.

Show and TellCheck out today’s Show and Tell!

Project RIDELori is at Project RIDE in Elk Grove giving us a preview of their Drive-Thru Crab Feed and Auction and how you can be a part of it.

Taking Care of Your Skin During the WinterDina is with a local make-up artist to learn some helpful hints on how to take care of your skin during the Winter months.

Trivia ToastTest your knowledge on today’s trivia: French Food Terms

“I Can Believe In Myself” By Jack CanfieldJohn Dabkovich talks to author Jack Canfield about his new uplifting book, “I Can Believe in Myself”

Good Day RewindHere’s what you missed on today’s show.