June 18, 2024


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Green Tea, Broccoli and Garlic – Very Good for Health

Green Tea, Broccoli and Garlic – Very Good for Health

They support the benefits and properties of green tea, broccoli, garlic and wine without alcohol
According to a study recently conducted in Spain, wine without alcohol, green tea, broccoli and garlic would be very good for extending life. The tests are already being carried out in volunteers.

It has always been said that some foods of natural origin can be very beneficial for the human body. Do you agree?

But the interesting thing is when scientific studies end up checking these issues.

Studies of Nutritherapy: Why do green tea, broccoli and garlic have health benefits?
A recent study promoted by the European Union and called Nutritherapy, has highlighted some data obtained with respect to certain natural products that contribute to improving the health of those who consume them.

Alcohol-free wine, broccoli or broccoli, green tea and garlic are at the forefront of these products.

After a test phase in yeasts, laboratory rodents and short-lived fish, testing has been started directly on 1,200 volunteers from Euskadi, Galicia, Madrid, Catalonia and Andalusia.

The results, for now, are more than encouraging. Some previous tests have shown that wine without alcohol significantly increased the average life of mice and yeast, as well as fish.

The results could be extrapolated to humans.

This is how meals with wine without alcohol, broccoli, garlic and green tea would be excellent for the organism due to the high level of antioxidants present in these foods.

The nutritional contribution of broccoli
To give you an idea. When you consume broccoli in your meals, you are providing them with a great source of vitamin A, beta-carotene, niacin, vitamin B1, B2, B6, E, folic acid and vitamin C.

In addition, its great antioxidant contribution to the body, comes from the hand of its high content in:

Vitamin C

Garlic and its benefits
For its part, garlic, especially when consumed fresh, can provide great nutritional value to your meals as it contains many active components.

One of the main ones is allicin, known to inhibit the growth of cancer cells and sulfur. The latter is of utmost importance for the health of the skin.

Properties of green tea
As for the highly weighted green tea, as you already know, the organic compounds called catechins are largely responsible for their antioxidant power. Above all, the most important are the EGCG.

One common point these foods have is that they are excellent for preventing and treating various health conditions, for example:

The hypertension
Coronary diseases
Different types of cancer
They boost the immune system
They reduce cholesterol
Digestive disorders

Did you know the nutritional properties of these foods? Incorporate them into your diet and you will also be earning a lot of antioxidant value for the health of your body.