November 29, 2023


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Food Truck Friday: Gilded Tomato making pizza healthy

Food Truck Friday: Gilded Tomato making pizza healthy

REHOBOTH – Julia Sweet and her team at The Gilded Tomato are making pizza as healthy as possible, with an eco-friendly twist.

It’s what you get when you produce food in a right-to-farm community.

“You’re going to be dealing with the sounds of roosters crowing. The natural smells. All the sites that you would see at a farm,” Sweet told WBZ-TV from her farm in Rehoboth.

Julia Sweet has done the unthinkable. She made the transformation from fitness pro to making healthy pizzas with her catering truck and oven.

“So I owned a fitness studio, fitness mom studio, and ‘muscles and minds’ was our program. When my husband wanted to do these ovens and make pizzas, we said let’s try and do it the best way we can. Health is so important in the United States and pizza is so popular, so let’s put it together,” she said.

But it’s all more than that. Julia and her staff were winners of the 2018 small business of the year. Also, everything in this process is eco-friendly.

“We also serve the community, doing community events, pro bono and just being good to nature. Pollinator fields and bees and birds and everything we can support to help all the farmers in the area,” Sweet told WBZ.

Just a wonderful pizza that, by the way, only takes 90 seconds to make. When you call Julia and her group to cater, they get the job done with style and taste, while making sure staying healthy is a premium with fresh herbs, vegetables, and even organic meat.

“We don’t want to tell kids that they are getting 40-percent whole wheat, but it’s wonderful,” she said.

For more information, visit their website.