May 20, 2024


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Food chat: Nonetheless have turkey in your freezer? Listed here is how to use it up. | Options

The Washington Write-up Food items team just lately answered queries about all issues edible. Below are edited excerpts from that chat.

Q: I have some leftover diced turkey breast in my freezer. It was overcooked originally. How I can repurpose it in to anything edible? I was thinking a soup, but I have visions of rubbery turkey impressionist soup

A: If it is type of dried out, I’d advocate placing it in anything with tons of humidity, such as a strata.

Also, if it is very dry, you can chop it up and combine it with mayonnaise or yogurt to make a turkey salad. Probably insert celery and nuts or seeds. That’s one particular of my most loved matters to do with leftover turkey.

Q: The eggs I purchase are ordinarily from the just one of various farmers at my community sector. This indicates they are in some cases not “standard” large size. In baking, must I be thinking about the body weight of the eggs or the quantity of the liquid. My instinct says the volume and if I want to incorporate or subtract volume do I do it with the white, the yolk, or just after beating (assuming the recipe does not contact for separating them).

A: I would often go by bodyweight, and really extensive baking recipes will deliver you body weight for not just solid ingredients, but liquid as nicely. At least, this is how pastry cooks/bakers feel. A “standard” substantial egg is about 57 grams with shell, 50 grams without having shell, egg white is about 30 grams and the relaxation is yolk.

Q: I pulled out a new recipe for an eggnog bread the other day, thinking that a loaf of this batter bread would make a good little vacation present for some neighbors. Just a single minor challenge with the 1st batch, nonetheless. I am embarrassed to say that someway I managed to go away out the baking powder. Yeah. So I have these two loaves that scent good, awesome and eggnoggy, but are in all probability like guide texture-intelligent. (The other 4 loaves I made did have baking powder in them, appeared great and have by now been sent.)

So my query is — any plan of how to use the “failed” loaves in some way, somewhat than just throw them out?

A: I’d make bread pudding with at least one of them. You may possibly have to tweak any recipe you find a tiny bit to compensate for the nog, but I guess that would be delicious. Or, you could cut them into cubes and make sweet croutons out of them for topping a fruit crumble.

Q: I eventually received an enameled Dutch oven. The recommendations say do not heat it vacant. My regular cast iron Dutch oven is so outdated it has no recommendations. Do you have any tips about what will occur if I really don’t preheat my new Dutch oven? Maybe it isn’t balanced for my old oven to warmth vacant either.

A: So, I assume individuals recommendations for heating are for the stove prime, not the oven. I have a Dutch oven that I use for more compact stews and also for baking, and the just one aspect-result of what bread baking has completed is darkened the outside of this vessel significantly. I really don’t particularly treatment, due to the fact my Dutch ovens are my do the job horses, but I want to mention it in this article in situation you see the discoloration and darkening and get unfortunate. I’m looking at an economical Lodge deep pan for bread baking going forward, in case that’s some thing you are interested in.

Q: Is there a good, all-intent substitute for coconut milk in factors like stews, soups, and curries? I see so quite a few good recipes, but sadly one particular picky person in my domestic (Okay, me) hates all issues coconut.

A: If you are searching for the creamy texture, cashew milk may possibly be a good plan.

Q: What is the most straightforward (and tastiest) way to ice sugar cookies? I’ve attempted in advance of, but they always appear like a drippy mess.

A: The very good thing about sugar cookies is that even if they appear a bit drippy they however flavor fantastic! I like to use egg white powder as it’s simple to evaluate and generates reliable final results. I also incorporate a pinch of salt to my sugar cookie icing, which aids balance all of the sweetness.

Q: I made the decision that I want to test to prepare dinner a entire duck this 12 months. Do you feel I’d be able to cook it in my Instantaneous Pot (8 quart)? Any tips or strategies?

A: The reason I wouldn’t cook dinner a entire duck in an Instantaneous Pot is since a person of the very best items about a full duck is its crispy pores and skin, which you would not get in a multicooker setting. Are you open to cooking it in the oven?