July 24, 2024


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Enlightenment With a Cup of Tea

Enlightenment With a Cup of Tea

What is even better than the virtues of blind faith? The enlightening tea can bring you. For you will be delivered when you awaken spiritually, and it will all happen when you see the light, drinking a cup of tea.

There’s nothing wrong with believing the right things. And many people do well to recognize how good it can be to keep faith when they don’t have any proof of those things they believe.

But the problem with blind faith is it leaves you looking around as if you’re stuck in the middle of the night. After a while that night stretches on further and soon enough it’s time for the new day to dawn. Soon the sun will arise in all its beauty.

This is how tea brings you light within your body, mind, and spirit. It awakens you with the awareness of the morning instead of lulling you to sleep with the drunkenness sought by the people of the night.

But, you contend, are those unseeing believers really always stumbling about drunken? The answer is there are many kinds of intoxicating temptations in the darkness for those who don’t have their eyes on the sure confirmation of their beliefs.

Those who don’t see, but are still asleep, often want to validate by striving with others. Jealousy is a powerful driving force creating rivalry among them; they want to be like those they do see and have what they have.

Tea will bring you the peace of the conquering morning, for there is victory in the cup. Once your eyes are enlightened with the wondrous elixir, the fighting will be finished and you will have won the battle and may enjoy all its plunder.