September 30, 2023


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Electronic cooking tools used by Norwegians

Can You Name These Vintage Kitchen Tools?

Cooking has evolved from doing every step of a recipe by hand in old times to using electronic tools for many processes today. Machines have made it easier to cook food that requires a  lot of time and complicated methods. The electric devices used in Scandinavian kitchens are similar to the ones commonly used in other countries. Following this shift towards electronic kitchen tools, Norwegians have also included them in their cooking.

  •  Waffle makers

The heart-shaped waffles are representative of the Norwegian dessert. Unsurprisingly, this appliance is found in every kitchen in Norway’s homes. It is a necessary part of their daily routine, as waffles have a special place on their tables at every meal. Lastly, you can also check Online reviews in Norway if you want to buy the best possible waffle maker. You will be able to find the stores that are affordable and have good prices.

  • Air fryers

Following the extensive trend of seafood consumption in Norway, many people have now shifted to cooking fish and shrimp in air fryers as a healthier alternative. This product can be used for preparing daily meals with the advantage of less fat content compared to frying in oil.

  • Coffee makers

It is interesting to note that Norway has the second-highest coffee consumption in the world. Every person in Norway drinks over four cups of coffee on average. This hot beverage is drunk so commonly to combat the extreme chill of Nordic regions. Because coffee is another primary component of their lives, coffee makers are used extensively throughout the country. Statistics show that the sale of coffeemakers amounted to approximately 600 million Norwegian kroner.

  • Lefse grills

Lefse is a traditional food of the Norwegians, and a particular grill has been manufactured for cooking this item. Although they can make it on common frypans, some people prefer using this electric tool to perfect the look of this Norwegian bread. 

  • Mint mincers

Norwegian meatballs are one of the most popular dishes worldwide. Therefore, meat mincers are in high demand among the locals. Freshly minced meat is prepared for this important meal. 

  • Grinders

Roasting and grinding spices for seasoning savory and sweet dishes alike is a crucial step followed in Norwegian recipes. For instance, cinnamon is the traditional spice used to garnish most food items on a Norwegian dining table. 

  • Electric mixer

Bakery items are a massive hit among Norwegians. All delicacies, including pies, tarts, cookies, pastries, and cakes require electric mixers to speed up their preparation. The locals of Norway keep this tool as a fundamental aid to their baking activities. Whether they need it for mixing batters or kneading dough, a Norwegian cook can only be efficient inside the kitchen with an electric beater. All family members look forward to the sweet delicacies on regular days as well as celebrations such as Christmas. 


To sum up, all cooking varieties and methods have undergone an upgrade by requiring electric appliances. Norway is a leading consumer of such tools, with most people purchasing them daily. The availability of such machinery in the market has made it easier for everyone to cook food at home. Many inhabitants prefer to prepare their versions of traditional cuisine by utilizing the devices kept inside their kitchens.