May 18, 2024


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Each individual pot is valuable (Daf Yomi Pesachim 30) | Penny Cagan

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“Level the prices for your pots.”

Today’s Daf Yomi provides a lesson in predatory pricing, which is impressive to obtain in the words and phrases of Shmuel. Although he overstepped his boundaries since was in Rav’s neck of the woods, Rav also supported his indignation and warned about gauging persons on the price tag they paid out for Passover pots. They rally versus cost gauging in what may well have been the Amazon market of their day.

Today’s textual content proceeds the protracted dialogue on benefiting from Passover leaven. Earthenware pots at the time of Rav and Shmuel would have absorbed the essence of the foods that was cooked in them, and it could be argued result in moment leaven still left powering on Passover. They did not have distinctive coatings that aid in cleansing away foodstuff debris.

Rav created a pronouncement that these pots that have been made use of to prepare dinner leaven really should be broken all through Passover and changed. Rav’s issue was that “some compact quantity of the flavor of the leavened bread was absorbed into the pot.” He reported it was prohibited to cook dinner in them again, as “the forbidden taste of this leavened bread would be transmitted to the new foods.” The voice of the Gemara inquiries the impracticality of changing pots soon after Passover and suggests that they be saved to put together yet another variety of food stuff that is not leaven. But Rav will have none of this and sticks with his view that the pot must be wrecked in order to keep away from the prospective of “making ready a combination of the similar variety in these pots.”

Shmuel has a unique far more useful point of view, as he normally does. He suggests that breaking the pots are a horrible squander and result in excellent hardship for individuals that have confined resources. He believes that the pots can be salvaged, and that once Passover is above, it is around, so who cares if they are utilised to put together the exact same or distinct sorts of food items. This is very considerably the point of view of a man who grew up in poverty, where every single pot was important.

Passover will have to have been a boon for the purveyors of pots. It is proposed in today’s studying that they would raise their rates after Passover, when those that followed Rav’s opinion and destroyed their pots, would be in the marketplace for new kinds.

Shmuel addresses the pot retailers instantly when he tells them to “degree the charges for your pots.” He shows great enterprise acumen when he tells the retailers that if they do not cease with their price tag gauging, he will proclaim that 1 is authorized to retain their pots immediately after Passover and “consequently the merchants would drop organization.” I hear the voice of Governor Cuomo in Shmuel’s plea, who back in March and April protested that the US states were competing in opposition to just about every other for individual protecting tools at inflated costs.

We are explained to that as passionate as he is about this make any difference, Shmuel was out of line in his pronouncement because he was in “Rav’s locale.”  We are advised appropriately that it was inappropriate for Shmuel to current a position that is opposite to that of Rav’s when he is in the later’s home territory. Even so, Shmuel will have to have experienced a sidebar with Rav, mainly because when Rav heard about the price tag gauging for pots, he also grew to become very disturbed and “threatened to make his viewpoint on the matter general public.”

There has been severe price tag gauging transpiring on because the onset of the pandemic in the US. In the early days of the pandemic when it was unattainable to come across gloves or surgical masks, objects commenced appearing on the web-site at inflated charges. I requested a cargo of surgical masks and rest room paper (at a rate I would be ashamed to repeat) that by no means arrived. In all fairness, Amazon refunded my revenue, but I invest months waiting for a cargo of protective encounter masks that by no means arrived.  The web page in the early times of the pandemic seemed like the wild west with Clorox wipes providing for upwards of $70 (and the prices proceed to be inflated.)

What was even far more disturbing than the cost gauging of rest room paper and disinfecting wipes, had been the prices that hospitals and health care services ended up billed for particular protective equipment, these types of as N95 masks. Governor Cuomo signed legislation in June that banned value gauging on such tools that is bought to health care employees and the normal public. When I study the Daf Yomi today, I could listen to the echo from Rav and Shmuel on the importance of charging a reasonable price tag for goods. And if retailers attempt to raise their prices in the course of a national disaster there will be Rav and Shmuel – or Governor Cuomo – to contend with.

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