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Destiny 2 Dawning Recipes (2020): Gifts And Rewards

Destiny 2’s annual holiday event, The Dawning, is back, bringing holiday cheer to the solar system. The Dawning runs until the weekly reset on Tuesday, January 4, requiring you to bake lots of treats to unlock special Dawning rewards. The key component of the event is Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.0, an item that lets you bake cookies using recipes you’ll discover as you combine ingredients earned throughout the solar system. While some characters are gone this year, five new ones have been added with the Beyond Light expansion, and with them come new treat recipes to discover.

The treats you make are handed over to Destiny’s various NPCs–including some you might not expect, such as Last Wish raid boss Riven–to complete bounties and quests, earning you various rewards. Because you won’t want to waste any ingredients you’ve gathered, we’ve put together a full list of all Dawning recipes, as well as a list of ways to acquire the items you’ll need. To kick off all the Dawning festivities, visit Eva Levante in the tower to pick up your Holiday Oven and get a quick rundown of how to use it.

If you want to do a lot of baking, it’ll require some grinding. You’ll earn ingredients in a variety of ways, but they almost all involve killing enemies–what you obtain will depend on the enemy type (eg, kill Vex to get Vex Milk) or what you use to kill them (Personal Touch comes from melee kills, Sharp Flavor from sword kills, and so on). No matter what you’re baking, you’ll also need 15 Essence of Dawning for each recipe; this drops to 10 once you masterwork the oven by baking (and thus discovering) each available recipe.

You’ll get some Essence of Dawning for completing activities (including public events), but another reliable but limited source for it is the weekly bounties that Eva offers. You can see how to specifically gather up ingredients like Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion, and more below.

Where And How To Get Dawning Ingredients

Special/Kill Types

  • Delicious Explosion: Explosive kills
  • Sharp Flavor: Sword kills
  • Impossible Heat: Solar kills
  • Electric Taste: Arc kills
  • Null Taste: Void kills
  • Flash of Inspiration: Create Orbs of Light
  • Personal Touch: Melee kills
  • Perfect Taste: Precision kills
  • Bullet Spray: SMG and Machine Gun kills
  • Essence of Dawning: Complete activities in the solar system

Enemy Faction Specific

  • Ether Cane: Fallen kills
  • Cabal Oil: Cabal kills
  • Vex Milk: Vex kills
  • Chitin Powder: Hive kills
  • Taken Butter: Taken kills
  • Dark Ether Cane: Scorn kills

Many recipes return from last year, but there are new ones as well, including those that will have you delivering the end result to characters like Shaw Han in the Cosmodrome, Variks on Europa, and the Crow on the Tangled Shore. We’ve assembled all of them–including Vanilla Blades for Shaxx, Chocolate Ship Cookies for Amanda, and Eliksni Birdseed for Hawthorne, which are all part of the quest you’ll get early on.

The Dawning 2020 Cookie Recipes

Gift Recipe Ingredients Deliver To
Gjallardoodles Ether Cane, Delicious Explosion, Essence of Dawning Zavala
Traveler Donut Holes Cabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning Ikora Rey
Chocolate Ship Cookies Cabal Oil, Null Taste, Essence of Dawning Amanda Holliday
Telemetry Tapioca Vex Milk, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning Banshee-44
Eliksni Birdseed Ether Cane, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning Hawthorne
Gentleman’s Shortbread Ether Cane, Perfect Taste, Essence of Dawning Devrim Kay
Infinite Forest Cake Vex Milk, Impossible Heat, Essence of Dawning Failsafe
Vanilla Blades Cabal Oil, Sharp Flavor, Essence of Dawning Shaxx
Dark Chocolate Motes Taken Butter, Null Taste, Essence of Dawning Drifter
Candy Dead Ghosts Dark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration, Essence of Dawning Spider
Ill-Fortune Cookies Dark Ether Cane, Impossible Heat, Essence of Dawning Petra Venj
Strange Cookies Taken Butter, Electric Flavor, Essence of Dawning Xur
Thousand-Layer Cookie Taken Butter, Delicious Explosion, Essence of Dawning Riven
Lavender Ribbon Cookies Vex Milk, Personal Touch, Essence of Dawning Saint-14
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Chitin Powder, Finishing Touch, Essence of Dawning

Eris Morn

Bittersweet Biscotti Dark Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors, Essence of Dawning Crow
Blueberry Crumblers Ether Cane, Bullet Spray, Essence of Dawning Shaw Han
Bright Dusted Snowballs Chitin Powder, Multifaceted Flavor, Essence of Dawning Tess Eververse
Classic Butter Cookie Taken Butter, Superb Texture, Essence of Dawning Eva Levante
Etheric Coldsnaps Chitin Powder, Electric Flavor, Essence of Dawning Variks

The Dawning 2020 Rewards

This year, Eva’s big rewards are the Glacioclasm fusion rifle and the Starfarer 7M ship. You’ll earn both early in your Dawning career, but you can upgrade Starfarer 7M by completing the To All A Good Flight quest, which gives it a number of special Dawning perks. You can also unlock more Glacioclasm rolls when you complete To All A Good Fight quest.

The Dawning 2020 armor sets for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks.
The Dawning 2020 armor sets for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks.

You can also purchase the two Dawning sparrows from past years, Alpine Dash and Dawning Cheer, from Eva using Legendary shards and Glimmer. You’ll need to earn a new resource, Dawning Spirit, in order to access them, though. You can get Dawning Spirit from completing Eva’s bounties and Dawning quests. And as always, the Dawning comes with special holiday-themed armor and accessories available in the Eververse store.

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