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Conquering the Mizithra Cheese of Greece

Conquering the Mizithra Cheese of Greece

Do you know that the Greeks are responsible of making the most delectable kind of cheese, known as the Mizithra Cheese? Mizithra Cheese is a traditional Greek cheese and its history goes back to the ancient times. The real, true Mizithra is produced in Greece. It is a traditional, unpasteurized fresh cheese made with milk and whey from sheep or goats. It is mainly produced in the island of Crete, but other areas in Greece also produce it.

How Mizithra is Made

The milk from sheep or goats is boiled at moderate temperature for ten minutes and then rennet is added while ruffling. The mix is then poured into a basket with a cloth inside and is left to drain for a few hours. In the past, balls of Mizithra were hung outdoors in small sheets of it to air-dry. The fresh form of Mizithra is creamy and bright white with a slightly granular texture. It often has a slightly tangy flavor, depending on the time of year when it is made.

Kinds of Mizithra

Mizithra cheese is very unique from other kinds of cheeses because it can be served at a variety of stages in the aging process. Fresh Mizithra is soft and creamy, similar to cottage cheese. Aged Mizithra is known as Anthotyros. This cheese is usually formed into the shape of a ball or truncated cylindar. Sour Mizithra is known as Xynomizithra. This type of Mizithra has a very sour, tangy flavor.

Mizithra Cheese Being Protected

The Mizithra Cheese is a protected name, which means that only if a cheese is produced in a certain way and in a certain region can be named as Mizithra. Mizithra from Crete is famous among cheese lovers and is a completely protected version of Mizithra.

Serving Mizithra

Greeks simply adore their Mizithra Cheese and have different ways of serving it. They eat fresh Mizithra for breakfast or dessert, with thyme honey or with some fresh fruit added to honey. This cheese can also be consumed with olives, fresh tomatoes, basil, and of course bread. The longer this cheese is aged, the better it goes with the most delicious fresh Greek garden salads! It is very popular in serving salads or pasta toppings, either crumbled or grated. Simple pasta with cooked tomatoes and fresh basil, if topped with the Mizithra Cheese, will give you an amazing pasta treat.

You can conquer Greece just by serving this sumptuous cheese in your dinner table. Don’t be the last person to taste this extraordinary Mizithra Cheese.