October 3, 2023


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Chun Mee Tea – A Chinese Green Tea

Chun Mee Tea – A Chinese Green Tea

Chun mee, a lot less usually spelled zhen mei, and also often named mei cha, is a assortment of Chinese inexperienced tea. The title, which is from time to time concatenated to chunmee, translates to “precious eyebrows”, which reflects the simple fact that the dry leaves of this tea are shaped into compact curves resembling eyebrows. This unique assortment of eco-friendly tea is often available for a really reasonable rate, even in batches of substantial excellent.

Flavor and aroma:

Chun mee tea is characterised by its pronounced tangy taste. It is noticeably additional sour than most eco-friendly teas. This sourness, whilst it is normally considered as a fascinating characteristic, can turn into overpowering if the tea is brewed improperly. With this tea, a lot more than other pan-fired Chinese teas, it is thorough to look at both of those the temperature of the drinking water and the size of steeping: all inexperienced teas are finest brewed with water very well down below boiling position (160-180F or 71-82C), but in the situation of this tea, the reduced temperature is especially critical to stay clear of an unpleasant acidity in the brewed cup. The steeping length is a matter of individual taste, and also relies upon on the sum of leaf employed. With any excellent unfastened-leaf environmentally friendly tea, the leaf will be very good for numerous infusions.

The aroma profile of chunmee is widely variable. It ordinarily has a apparent but slight smokiness to it, considerably significantly less smoky than a normal gunpowder green tea. In quite a few respects, its aroma is usual for a pan-fired Chinese eco-friendly tea, with some grassy tones and a recognizable toasty good quality. However, chunmee is really numerous, and some batches have apparent floral, fruity, or nutty traits in the aroma.

Younger hyson and chun mee:

Chun mee is technically the maximum quality of youthful hyson environmentally friendly tea. Younger hyson is a variety of environmentally friendly tea which is the highest quality of hyson tea. Young hyson is often referred to as “fortunate dragon tea”. Since the reduce grades of youthful hyson are seldom marketed in the United States and other western nations around the world, the terms youthful hyson and chun mee are at times used interchangeably.

Regional and other variation amid distinctive teas of this type:

Chun mee is not commonly divided into effectively-regarded named varieties, but often, selected corporations will pick special batches of it and give them names. Chun mee also differs substantially based on the region in which it is manufactured, as the exclusive climate and soil disorders in distinctive areas translate into diverse flavor and aroma profiles of the closing tea. It is generated in Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Anhui, Yunnan, and Hunan provinces, and maybe other people. Young hyson tea is also developed in Sri Lanka.

Organic chunmee is now greatly accessible, and numerous tea firms are commencing to provide this tea in good trade licensed forms as properly. One particular company even delivers a decaffeinated kind. Chunmee is usually only obtainable as loose-leaf tea, with one notable exception: Tazo envy, even though it is not extensively regarded, is a inexperienced tea of this fashion.