April 17, 2021


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All 4 nurses in a Kansas county’s health and fitness division refused to give out COVID-19 vaccines

Pharmacies are finding themselves with leftover coronavirus vaccines, meaning some people can score a shot early with the planning. Jessica Hill/AP Photo

© Jessica Hill/AP Picture
Pharmacies are getting by themselves with leftover coronavirus vaccines, this means some men and women can rating a shot early with the setting up. Jessica Hill/AP Image

All 4 nurses doing the job in the health division of Coffey County in Kansas explained they wouldn’t give individuals the COVID-19 vaccine, a indicator of how misinformation about the shots is spreading even between health and fitness industry experts.


In a January 4 county commission meeting, overall health section administrator Lindsay Payer said that they had been not inclined to give the COVID-19 vaccine, The Day by day Beast described.

“My team is not snug with that. It really is a new technology we have by no means viewed before,” Payer explained to the Board of Commissioners in the assembly, which is available on YouTube.

MRNA vaccines, like individuals staying dispersed now for the coronavirus, have been researched considering that the 1990s.

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Payer reported that she and other nurses in the section were being awkward with the vaccines and doubtful of their safety, citing inaccurate data about the shots. She told the board that the overall health section would use outside the house nurses who were being ready to distribute the vaccine.

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Coronavirus vaccines from the two Pfizer and Moderna were examined in tens of hundreds of persons. Pfizer’s late stage trial, for occasion, provided far more than 43,000 folks. The vaccines were not rushed – international locations and businesses invested intensely in all stages of the progress procedure, preserving time. Scientists were also ready to create on past function on vaccines for MERS and SARS, which are also coronaviruses.

Information on equally vaccines was scrutinized by the US Foods and Drug Administration prior to the agency issued unexpected emergency-use authorizations for the injections. Fda found that the pictures ended up extremely effective and risk-free for most folks to choose.

As of January 13, Payer and other Coffey County health office nurses experienced not modified their minds. She told 13 News in Topeka that it was a personalized selection for each nurse, not a message for or from having the vaccine.

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County Clinical Officer Dr. Jeff Sloyer refuted Payer’s misinformation in the upcoming assembly.

“The two of these vaccines ended up really perfectly examined,” he explained, according to Topeka’s 13 News

The Kansas Division of Overall health and Environment shared a statement with 13 Information on the protection and efficacy of vaccines.

“The information show that the recognised and probable gains of this vaccine outweigh the recognized and probable harms of starting to be infected with COVID-19,” the office claimed.

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