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A Dietitian Explains the Pros and Drawbacks of the Dukan Eating plan, a Reduced-Carb Feeding on Program Europeans Enjoy

For many Us citizens, calorie counting is one particular of the key functions of most bodyweight loss diets—but not in the eyes of Pierre Dukan, the French medical professional who developed the Dukan Diet regime in 2000. Dr. Dukan’s theory that protein is the crucial to very long-expression body weight reduction is based mostly on his encounter of supporting extra than 40,000 clients of his people get rid of bodyweight in France. (The French with no their bread and butter? We know.)


Now, the Dukan Diet is 1 of the most well known body weight-decline options in Europe, as Kate Middleton reportedly followed the food plan whilst she was preparing for her future nuptials with Prince William in 2011 and again publish-pregnancy. But does this diet guidance a nutritious, balanced life style? As a registered dietitian who has reviewed a wide variety of eating plans, together with the South Seashore Diet program Keto-Welcoming Plan, the Flexitarian Diet regime, and the Ornish Diet regime, I wanted to learn more about why Europeans are obsessed with the Dukan Diet regime. Here’s what I identified.

What is the Dukan Diet program, accurately?

The Dukan Diet is a superior-protein, reduced-carb, and low-fat diet regime made for body weight loss. Soon after looking at many of his patients eliminate excess weight on his approach, Dr. Dukan printed The Dukan Diet regime in France, exactly where it’s even now the amount one particular diet plan method. Since then, the book acquired traction and popularity and has sold far more than 7 million copies globally.

The Dukan Diet plan is comprised of 4 phases: Assault, Cruise, Consolidation, and Stabilization. Through the very first two phases—which are focused on excess weight loss—your protein consumption is much more than 40% of your each day calorie intake, which is properly earlier mentioned the USDA’s tips. The 3rd and fourth phases emphasize preserving weight decline and preserving what Dr. Dukan phone calls your “Correct Weight,” the body weight you can obtain with no sensation hungry and deprived or impacting your temper and over-all health.

What do you consume on the Dukan Diet plan?

As I mentioned, the Dukan Food plan is damaged down into 4 phases. The first two phases are the most restrictive, specifically the Attack phase which does not make it possible for healthful fat, fruits, and veggies (Indeed, you heard that right).

Section 1 – Attack

Also recognized as the Pure Protein stage, you can delight in unlimited minimal-fat, superior-protein meals, which includes lean beef, pork, poultry, non-unwanted fat dairy, eggs, fish, and tofu. You are also authorized to try to eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran for each day. In accordance to Dr. Dukan, the oat bran is meant to minimize cholesterol and help avert diabetic issues, but it’s also there to add fiber to your diet and boost satiety. The length of this phase ranges from two to 7 days, depending on how considerably weight you will need to reduce.

Section 2 – Cruise

After various times on stage 2, you will reintroduce non-starchy greens, these as cucumbers, mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, and broccoli. You will alternate involving protein-only times and protein-vegetable times, along with two tablespoons of oat bran every day. Dieters stay in this period right until they arrive at their Accurate Bodyweight.

Phase 3 – Consolidation

This phase is built to avert the rebound outcome of attaining back again the pounds dropped for the duration of the 1st two phases. All through this phase, foodstuff that ended up earlier limited are little by little extra in minimal quantities. You will go on to follow a protein-vegetable diet regime and take in two tablespoons of oat bran daily. Once a 7 days, you are expected to abide by a Pure Protein day from the Attack period. Section 3 lasts 5 times for each pound lost.

Additionally, through the Consolidation period, you can consume a single to two servings of fruit (excluding bananas, grapes, figs, and cherries) and two slices of full-grain bread per day. You might be also allowed to consume 1.5 ounces of challenging cheese, one to two servings of starchy food stuff, and one to two celebration meals per week. A celebration meal features an appetizer, entrée, dessert, and just one glass of wine.

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Phase 4 – Stabilization

On this remaining stage (aka the relaxation of your lifetime), you can eat whichever you want along with 3 tablespoons of oat bran per working day. As in the period 3, a Pure Protein day is demanded after a 7 days.

In the course of all phases of the diet regime, Dr. Dukan endorses ingesting six to eight cups of water every day. For a a lot more in depth manual on what to take in and steer clear of, check out out this Dukan Diet foodstuff list.

Does the Dukan Food plan genuinely support you lose fat?

U.S. Information & Earth Report ranked the Dukan Diet plan selection 41 in its 2019 ideal diets all round list and selection 31 for best body weight loss diets. The Dukan Diet regime claims you can drop up to 10 lbs throughout the to start with week of following the diet, but due to the fact it’s a rigorous program, it can be tricky to sustain prolonged-time period.

The Dukan Diet regime lacks specific scientific investigation to assistance its claims, efficacy, and very long-time period consequences on total health. Nevertheless, there have been studies that implies that higher-protein, minimal-carb meal plans are powerful for weight loss in the quick-time period.

A May 2018 study from Used Physiology, Diet, and Metabolic process suggests that reduced-carb diet plans, such as the Dukan Diet, are productive for serving to gals with prediabetes lessen their danger of coronary heart illness. Having said that, it’s vital to observe that most research exploring the effects of significant-protein, reduced-carb weight loss plans do not include proscribing nutritional fats as outlined in the Dukan Diet. So it is more challenging to assess the outcomes of the diet both equally shorter- and very long-phrase.

Much more analysis and proof is desired to assistance the promises that next minimal-carb, substantial-protein, lower-unwanted fat eating plans, this kind of as the Dukan Eating plan, are safe and sound and productive for bodyweight reduction.

The negatives of the Dukan Diet plan

The Dukan Food plan can end result in substantial fat reduction, primarily for those people who are extremely over weight or obese. Even so, the diet is really rigid and restrictive, particularly for the duration of the to start with two phases. And since you are restricting main foods teams, like fruits, healthy fats, and veggies, it can lead to dietary deficiencies.

In the extended-term, a superior-protein, lower-carb food plan may possibly also damage the kidneys, as they want to do the job more difficult to metabolize these kinds of large intakes of protein. You could also knowledge typical aspect outcomes of a lower-carb diet plan, like problems, lethargy, and constipation.

No matter if the Dukan Diet program can enable avert or deal with continual health conditions, like heart sickness and diabetes, is unclear. The 1st two phases of the diet plan lack fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—hallmarks of a heart-wholesome and diabetes-pleasant diet program. On the other hand, folks on the Consolidation and Stabilization phases, which are significantly less rigid, may be capable to maintain a healthier body weight and very good overall health and fitness.

How to get begun on the Dukan diet program

Just before starting the Dukan Food plan, you must set up your objective bodyweight, which Dr. Dukan refers to as your “True Bodyweight.” The Accurate Weight will figure out how lengthy you are going to continue to be on every single of the initially 3 phases of the food plan.

To put together for the Assault phase, be positive to stock your kitchen area with approved food items. It’s also valuable to use the Dukan Diet plan web site, diet e-book, cookbook, and Fb web page for substantial-protein, minimal-fats, and lower-carb recipe thoughts and social aid. The Dukan Diet program web site is a good resource for a lot more information of every single phase of the eating plan, and it features a strong FAQ segment, as effectively as tailored coaching for the initial 3 phases of the diet plan.

Before commencing the Dukan Eating plan, it’s important to check with with a most important care medical doctor, particularly people with pre-existing circumstances such as diabetic issues, heart illness, kidney condition, or any person prone to kidney stones. Expecting and breastfeeding ladies need to also prevent this diet program. Go to the Dukan Diet plan web page for far more details and sources.

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