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3 Best Appetite Suppressant for Women in 2020

New York, NY – ( NewMediaWire ) – November 30, 2020 – Anyone who’s tried to follow a strict diet will tell you just how difficult it is to resist those frequent urges to grab a snack between meals or stay feeling full all day long. In fact, suppressing your appetite is without a doubt one of the most difficult aspects of weight loss dieting.

It’s no surprise why there are hundreds of appetite suppressant products online today. So how do you narrow down your options to get the best appetite suppressant for women from the hundreds of options available on Amazon and other online supplement sellers?

To help you make an informed decision when shopping for an appetite suppressant that will help reduce your waistline without leaving a big hole in your bank account, we have compiled a simple but detailed guide on the three best options available today.

In this guide, we review the best products in this category, their ingredients, pricing, safety, pros and cons, and other important features to consider when shopping for the best appetite suppressant for women.

This guide is for any woman who’s looking for an effective way to reduce calorie intake by curbing hunger and achieve her weight loss goals.

3 Best Appetite Suppressants for Women

#1. Leanbean – Editor’s Top Pick for the Best Appetite Suppressant for Women

Manufactured by the well-known health and lifestyle specialist brand, Ultimate Life, Leanbean is a dietary supplement made exclusively for women.

It’s an all-natural formula with scientifically-backed ingredients including glucomannan, a renowned appetite suppressant. Lean bean also comes with metabolic boosters that support the body’s natural processes, health-boosting vitamins, and thermogenics to supercharge your body’s ability to burn calories.

Leanbean is totally focused on women probably because scientific research shows that women snack more often than men. It’s a perfect appetite suppressant packed with good amounts of Garcinia Cambogia and turmeric, which make you feel full for a long time without frequent snacking.

Leanbean is also completely safe from side effects because it’s made from 100% natural ingredients. Leanbean is specifically formulated for women but can also be used by men who want to curb their hunger and food cravings.

Why We Like Leanbean as the Best Appetite Suppressant for Women

  • Leanbean comes with 4 powerful and 100% natural appetite suppressants
  • It’s packed with natural detoxifiers
  • Leanbean is not formulated using artificial additives and animal products, which makes it a perfect choice for vegans too.
  • It’s delivered worldwide through either global shipping or express delivery.
  • The manufacturer gives a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Completely safe product without side effects
  • It’s available at a reasonable price with discounts for bulk orders

Leanbean Ingredients

Leanbean is made using powerful all-natural ingredients including scientifically tested and proven appetite suppressants.

Its key ingredients include the following:

Garcinia Cambogia is a plant extract found in most appetite suppressant products available in the supplements market today.

The plant extract is quite effective in crushing food cravings, breakdown of fat cells, increasing your metabolic rate, and boosting your athletic performance.

Garcinia Cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid which has been proven to be beneficial in controlling appetite. ( 1 )

Leanbean also contains extracts from the Konjac plant called corm. This root of the Konjac plant is a good source of glucomannan fiber which has many weight loss benefits

This includes slowing down the absorption of cholesterol and sugar into your digestive system, holding water, and more importantly suppressing appetite and food cravings. The less you eat the more efficiently your body burns fat. ( 2 )

Another important ingredient of Leanbean is a green coffee extract which is rich in chlorogenic acid, a naturally occurring appetite suppressant that also helps in the reduction of carbohydrate and fat intake by the body.

Leanbean also contains choline which, although it’s not an appetite suppressant, helps in the regulation of metabolism for better overall weight loss.

Chromium picolinate helps in reducing hunger and food cravings, micronutrient metabolism, and blood sugar control. ( 3 )

Leanbean contains other useful natural ingredients including:

  • Chloride
  • Zinc
  • Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Turmeric
  • Acai berry
  • Piperine

Leanbean is made of 100% natural ingredients scientifically tested for safety and effectiveness.

It doesn’t come with any proprietary ingredients or additives and everything is clearly indicated on the product label.

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Leanbean Shipping and Return Policy

The manufacturer of Leanbean, Ultimate Life, provides worldwide shipping for the product. Delivery times vary depending on your location.

In the US, delivery takes between 3 to 6 days. The manufacturer also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee, which means that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with the product, you can return unopened packages and request a refund.

All you need to do is to ensure that you return the product within 7 days after delivery for your refund to be processed.

Pros and Cons


  • Leanbean contains powerful 100% natural ingredients that effectively suppress hunger and food cravings
  • It helps in increasing metabolism for better fat burning
  • It’s an energy booster while reducing appetite to make you eat less and burn more fat
  • Doesn’t use stimulants to deliver the expected results
  • It’s shipped worldwide
  • Comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee
  • A safe appetite suppressant without side effects


  • A large dosage of 6 caps per day
  • Only available online. You cannot buy it at your local store or pharmacy

Customer Reviews

Due to its efficacy, Leanbean has many positive customer reviews online. The supplement has been around for years and has been used by many satisfied customers across the globe.

Most of the users of Leanbean give it a 5-star rating on review sites such as The Sports Review. Most reviewers state that it helps in curbing cravings and boosting energy during workouts.

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Leanbean Pricing

You can only buy Leanbean from the company’s official website. The product comes in three pricing plans to suit your budget.

A single bottle which is a 1-month supply of Leanbean costs $59 and comes with a free home workout guide. A 2-month supply of two bottles costs $118 and comes with the free home workout guide and free shipping within the UK and the US.

There’s also the Bikini Body Bundle plan which is a 4-month supply of 3 bottles and an extra free bottle available at a discounted price of $185. The Bikini Body Bundle also includes a free home workout guide, a healthy eating guide, and free worldwide delivery.

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#2. Zotrim – Premium Appetite Suppressant for Women

Zotrim is basically sold as a weight-loss supplement but is also one of the best appetite suppressants for women available on the market today.

It’s packed with most of the ingredients found in effective dietary supplements but with extra ingredients that are rich in fiber and quite useful in curbing hunger and food cravings.

Zotrim also contains a decent amount of caffeine at 75mg per serving which helps in suppressing appetite and increasing your energy levels. It also contains a mood enhancer known as damiana leaf which keeps you in a positive state of mind and prevents stress-eating.

The appetite suppressing supplement is also rich in Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 which help to convert food into energy, reducing feelings of hunger, and reducing your calorie intake.

If you’re looking for a safe, side effects-free, and effective appetite suppressant made of all-natural ingredients, Zotrim is another great option to consider.

Why We Like It

  • Zotrim has been clinically tested to show that it indeed keeps you feeling full for longer
  • It not only keeps you feeling satisfied for a long time but also prevents you from eating a lot in the first place
  • It works as an energy booster to help you achieve your work out and weight loss goals
  • It increases the effects and results of your workouts
  • It’s quite effective even when used on its own without other supplements, diets, and exercise plans
  • It’s made of powerful all-natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t cause harmful side effects if taken in the right dosage

Zotrim Ingredients

Here are some of the key ingredients of Zotrim:

  • Yerba mate leaves extract which has been used for ages by South American tribes to relieve fatigue and boost energy. Yerba mate is rich in caffeine just like black tea and coffee.
  • Guarana extract which comes with 4 times more caffeine than coffee beans. Guarana is also used in popular energy drinks. ( 4 )
  • Damiana leaf to keep you in a more positive mood and avoid stress eating
  • Vitamin B3 and B6 which are not only essential to your health but also help in curbing feelings of hunger and constant snacking. The less you eat the fewer calories you ingest, and the faster you achieve your weight loss goals.

You can always visit the official website of Zotrim to see the full list of ingredients.

Zotrim Shipping and Refund Policy

The manufacturer of Zotrim provides fast and reliable shipping worldwide. The estimated delivery time depends on your country or city of location. The company is also so confident of its products that they provide you with a 100-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re not completely satisfied with the product, for any imaginable reason, you can always return any unopened and unused containers as well as the boxes within 100 days and ask for a refund.

The company will give you a full refund excluding the shipping fees. However, the return policy doesn’t apply to a single purchase of a 30-day supply of Zotrim.

Zotrim Pros and Cons


  • It’s an effective appetite suppressant
  • Helps you to eliminate a significant amount of weight in just a week
  • It’s made of natural, safe, and effective ingredients
  • Comes with a 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t have side effects when used according to the manufacturer’s directions


  • Cannot be used by pregnant women and children
  • Not available in your local store because it can only be bought online from the manufacturer’s official website

Zotrim Customer Reviews

Zotrim doesn’t have a lot of reviews on popular review sites because it’s solely sold through the manufacturer’s website.

However, there are many positive reviews about Zotrim on the official product website. Many users have shared their success stories on a page dedicated to testimonials from users of the product on Zotrim’s official website.

For instance, Heidi who has used the supplement for some time claims that it helps her resist snacking and control her portion sizes. Sharon says Zotrim helped her change her dieting radically while struggling to lose baby weight after giving birth.

Most reviewers agree that the product helps you lose weight especially when you lack the willpower to resist snacking and control calorie intake.

Zotrim Pricing

Zotrim is only sold through the manufacturer’s website so you don’t have to deal with exploitative middlemen.

The official website has all the information you need to learn about the product and a way to reach their friendly customer service team for any question or concern you may have about the product.

Zotrim is sold in affordable combo packages. One pack of Zotrim costs $60.99 but when you buy three packs at once, you get a massively discounted price of $159.99.

Purchasing 6 packs together gives you an even better price of $229.99. The more packs you buy the bigger the discount you get.

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#3. Powher – Best fat Burner and Appetite Suppressant for Women

Powher is another great product from Ultimate Life, the same company that manufactures Leanbean – the popular women-focused supplement we’ve discussed above. It’s a premium fat burner and pre-workout supplement with great appetite suppressing ingredients.

Powher uses 100% natural ingredients. The manufacturer even features a clear transparent description of the product’s ingredients on each bottle’s label.

At the core of Powher are its appetite suppression ingredients enhanced with metabolic boosters, thermogenics, and minerals to help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. One of the key ingredients of Powher is glucomannan which helps to fill your digestive system leaving you feeling full and eating less to control your calorie intake.

Another great thing about Powher is that it comes in a nice pink lemonade flavor which makes it easy to consume.

The supplement doesn’t have excessive amounts of caffeine found in other appetite suppressants and fat burning supplements for women. You can use it and still take your regular mugs of coffee without fear of side effects.

Why We Like It

  • It contains effective appetite suppressants to curb those naughty food cravings
  • The best appetite suppressant for women who don’t like heavy doses of caffeine
  • Uses a better and safer caffeine alternative called EnXtra
  • Simple dosage of just 2 caps during breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Made of all-natural and safe ingredients
  • Ships worldwide

Powher Ingredients

Powher is made using 100% natural and powerful ingredients including the following:

  • Glucomannan which is clinically tested and proven as an effective appetite suppressant and energy booster. ( 5 )
  • Natural caffeine in the form of EnXtra, which is a safer and more effective version of regular caffeine. Studies show that caffeine helps in suppressing appetite while giving you the energy you need to work out more and burn fat faster.
  • Iron which most women lack in adequate levels. Iron is important for a woman who has an active lifestyle.
  • Chromium which helps in metabolic support and supplementing appetite suppressants such as glucomannan.
  • Vitamins B6, B12, and B5 which reduce fatigue, boost energy levels, and maintain normal mental performance.
  • Oxyjun, an extract of the Terminalia Arjuna tree.
  • L-Citrulline Malate amino acid found in the best pre-workout supplements.
  • RedNite, Beta-Alanine, and Taurine.

Shipping and Return Policy

One reason why we believe Powher is the best appetite suppressant for women is because the product is shipped worldwide.

The manufacturer normally sends you a tracking number 24 hours after your order has been dispatched. Your order is shipped on the same day within the US, UK, and Canada while delivery for other countries in Europe, Australia, and the rest of the world normally takes from 5 to 15 business days depending on your location.

Powher has an easy hassle-free return process if you’re not satisfied with the product, for whatever reason. Simply contact the customer service desk and you’ll be told where and how to return any unused product.

Keep in mind that you can only ask for a refund if you return the product within 7 days after delivery and the refund doesn’t include shipping and handling fees.

Powher Pros:

  • It’s made of all-natural and effective ingredients
  • It’s a great energy booster
  • Helps to curb appetite and food cravings
  • Great pre-workout supplement for women too
  • It has a pleasant lemonade flavor
  • It’s exclusively designed for women
  • Comes with free worldwide shipping for orders of two or more tubs

Powher Cons:

  • Pricier than other appetite suppressants
  • Cannot be bought at your local store because it’s only sold online from the manufacturer’s website

Powher Customer Reviews

Powher doesn’t have a lot of customer reviews online because it’s only sold through the manufacturer’s official website.

However, most of the testimonials we came across talked positively about the product and the results it delivers. Most users gave it 4 or 5 stars as an energy booster, appetite suppressant, and pre-workout supplement.

Powher Pricing

A single tub of Powher contains 20 servings and costs around $45.

You can also buy the Unlimited Powher Pack which contains 4 tubs and comes with free worldwide shipping at a discounted price of $149. You get free shipping for orders of two or more tubs.

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Best Suppressant for Women Buying Guide:

Here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for the best appetite suppressant for women:

Make sure to check the ingredients of each product when buying an appetite suppressant.

Ideally, the product should contain a blend of the best ingredients for curbing appetite and food cravings including Garcinia Cambogia and glucomannan among others.

The manufacturer should provide a complete list of the product’s ingredients on the bottle or pack label.

Supplements are sensitive products that you don’t purchase on a whim like you buy shoes or clothes.

The best appetite suppressant for women should be one made by a brand with a reputable name for making high-quality products.

The reputation of the manufacturing brand is an important factor to consider before you buy any supplement product.

Check the right dosage that you need to take to get the best results from an appetite suppressant product.

Find out how much of each ingredient is included in the formulation of the product. For example, a reliable appetite suppressant should give you a fair amount of glucomannan in every daily dosage.

Take time to research and find out what other users are saying about the product on online reviews and testimonials.

A good product should have positive reviews and a good rating from verified customers who have used it before.

This is one of the most important considerations when buying the best appetite suppressant for women. A good product should have zero or minimal side effects.

Fortunately, most appetite suppressants made from 100% natural ingredients and tested for safety don’t have side effects.

However, you should always read the label to confirm that the supplement doesn’t contain banned ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do appetite suppressants help in weight loss?

There are many things that go into any weight loss program including diet, physical exercises, and a change in your general lifestyle.

However, the most important thing to consider in any weight loss program is control of the number of calories you consume every day. Basically, the more calories you eat, the more efforts you’ll need to put in so as to burn the extra fat.

An appetite suppressant helps you curb food and hunger cravings so you don’t snack more often and put on more weight. The appetite suppressant is an extra weapon in your weight loss arsenal.

  • Can I lose weight by just taking an appetite suppressant?

You can lose weight if you take an appetite suppressant as part of your general lifestyle and eating changes but keep in mind that for the best results, you should combine the supplement with a healthy diet and regular exercises.

The appetite suppressant only helps to curb your eating cravings and reduce your calorie intake.

  • What is the best dosage for an appetite suppressant?

The dosage depends on the appetite suppressant’s ingredients. For example, a good appetite suppressant such as Leanbean contains glucomannan which is taken in a daily dosage of 3g spread over three 1g servings.

  • Which is the best appetite suppressant for women?

We highly recommend Leanbean as the best appetite suppressant for women. It’s a female-focused supplement made using highly effective, safe, and natural ingredients.

Leanbean also contains a good amount of glucomannan and garcinia cambogia in each dosage, which are two important ingredients in any appetite suppressing formulation.


Your body needs a good amount of food to stay healthy but sometimes we go overboard and end up consuming excess calories.

This is where an appetite suppressant comes in to curb your appetite and reduce food cravings as you work towards your weight loss goal.

All the products we have reviewed above are safe and reliable appetite suppressants but for the best results, we recommend Leanbean as the best appetite suppressant for women today.

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